You have most likely heard the quote “Time is money” by Benjamin Franklin but when it comes to running a business, this might not be the full picture. Time – or the lack of it can cost money and can be a major challenge preventing the business from being successful.

This is where having an Apprentice with the right training and support comes to the rescue. Having an Apprentice focused on online marketing activities is a great way to take your marketing to the next level, affordably and without consuming too much of your time. Here are 7 ways an Apprentice will help you grow your business.

Finding customers

According to the, ‘77% of adults bought goods or services online and 46% said that they rely on social media when making a buying decision’. Having an Apprentice who is interacting and looking for potential customers means you aren’t missing out on business that’s going elsewhere.

Building brand loyalty

Customers who see your content regularly online are more likely to buy into your brand and want to make repeat purchases. Posting content ad-hoc, say once or twice a month on Facebook or Twitter isn’t enough to stay at the front of your customers’ mind. Especially when your competition and alternative solutions are posting regularly!

Customer service focus

According to Ambassador, more than 90% of customers have moved to another brand as a result of poor customer service while around a third prefer to contact customer service via social media (and we believe this number will grow). Let’s put this another way – provide quick, caring and trustworthy customer service via social media and you are more likely to retain customers who will recommend you. It sounds like a no-brainer!

Re-energise the business towards online marketing

Online marketing can seem complicated. You may not know your PPCs from your SEO and your CPCs when it comes to marketing but an Apprentice from TEEG Digital receives on the job training by industry experts, allowing them to support you through the online marketing ‘jungle’. Bringing a Digital Marketing Apprentice into your business also provides you with the opportunity to re-energise your marketing and provide a much-needed new focus and fresh ideas, the way it should be in the modern fast-paced high-tech era.

More time for what YOU do best

We’ve seen talented entrepreneurs and admin staff managing social media – sometimes well but sometimes not so well as they don’t have the time or training to do it effectively. Even worse, it also means they can’t focus on what they do best! If your strength lies in setting up a business and its operations to grow, then you should do that and delegate the creation of online content to someone who has the training and time to focus on it. We like to think of it as a win-win.

Affordable online marketing AND talent acquisition

If you would like to send your staff on a marketing training course, it will cost time and money. Staff then need to be paid to manage your online marketing. At TEEG Digital we work with businesses to find the right talent from the start and provide ongoing training and support so that your Apprentice can work with you while getting world-class training at the same time.

If you think that’s great, it gets better. After the Apprenticeship has finished, you potentially have an Apprentice who you can continue to employ as someone who has the online skills you need AND understands your business!

A way to stay ahead, survive and thrive

Online marketing keeps changing – and sometimes too much and very quickly! While your competitors are trying to work out what social media is and how to build a brand online, you will already be doing that. Without an Apprentice, it might be a challenge to survive but with one, we can work with you to make sure you thrive.

It is clear in today’s online world, having a team member who supports you to build your digital marketing is important for businesses now and in the future. We would love to help your business grow. If you would like to find out more about employing an Apprentice, contact us now by emailing us at, call us on 01296 749944 or if you’re feeling social send us a tweet or a Facebook message for a free chat!7 

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