Cyber Security – is your business adequately prepared?

According to OFCOM’s 2018 ‘Communication Market Report’[i], the average member of the British public spends a total of 24 hours per week online. It’s easy to see why – with banking, shopping, entertainment and social interaction (plus a whole host of other services) all moving online for improved customer convenience and 24/7 accessibility, there’s no need to leave your house ever again.
Unfortunately, not everyone’s online intentions are quite so positive. In this year’s ONS Crime Survey for England and Wales[ii], it was identified that a person is more likely to be a victim of fraud or ‘cyber crime’ (or a combination of the two) than to be a victim of any other offence, and these figures don’t take into account the massive impact that cyber crime is having on UK businesses.
We’re not just talking the odd unsophisticated ‘phishing’ scam, where emails are randomly sent out to thousands of personal and business email addresses asking for a relatively small payment in exchange for millions of pounds worth of VERY legitimate sounding inheritance from a distant uncle (who also happens to be royalty) to be paid directly into your current account. Viruses, ransomware attacks, massive data breaches from hacking – cyber criminals are growing in sophistication and gumption every day. Just think of the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017, which infected a total of 300,000 devices in 150 countries worldwide, including the NHS[iii]… anyone can be affected by cyber crime, and it’s so important for the British public and UK businesses to be prepared for these kinds of online attacks.
Here at TEEG, we’re passionate about making sure our apprentices are prepared for the positives and negatives of online business, which is why we have partnered with Global Cyber Academy – the UK’s first dedicated Cyber Academy for Business. TEEG and Global Cyber Academy put on a special Christmas business networking event in London on the 6th December 2018 with a range of Cyber Security experts, and at that event also launched our brand new Cyber Security Apprenticeships, so we are very excited about the changes on the horizon in 2019!
Keep an eye on our website for more information about our brand new Cyber Security Apprenticeships!






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