Apprenticeships for Employers

So, you’re thinking about taking on an Apprentice?

At TEEG Digital we are creating our digital workforce of tomorrow, one Apprentice at a time! Many employers have already chosen TEEG Digital as their Apprenticeship provider. In our ever-changing digital world, it’s our young people who are going to continue to lead the way in growing the digital revolution. In partnership with Aylesbury College and social media giants Hootsuite we deliver world-class Apprenticeships in social media and digital marketing. We offer a full or part-time Apprentice solution. Get in touch today to see how employing an Apprentice can help your business thrive!

We create jobs. We maintain excellence. We build careers. We are TEEG Digital.

“75% of employers reported having an Apprentice helped their business improve”

What our Employers say…

‘TEEG Digital were very diligent during the recruitment of our Apprentice and sent us some good candidates. Lauren is learning so many different aspects of digital marketing which is really adding value to our business.’

Ian Redding – Managing Director Buckingham Ford

‘We have recruited two apprentices through TEEG and are delighted with the result.  The recruitment process was streamlined and efficient, and both apprentices have contributed enormously to our busy team.  TEEG have supported them well, and we have a great relationship which continues to become stronger as time goes by.’

Janis Anderson – Managing Director Caremark

‘We have been very pleased with the support received from TEEG, they have been proactive and easy to work with. They are clearly genuinely passionate about helping their apprentices to succeed; with equal measure they want their employer clients to get the best results possible.  They understand the challenges faced by business owners as well as those of the young people looking to get into the world of work through an apprenticeship scheme.  Penny and Carly are invested in the people within their business; they care and that is something that makes them stand out from the crowd.’

Karen Pawlawska – Director Take One TV

‘We recruited two Apprentices through TEEG Digital. What we particularly liked about founders Carly and Penny – this Cat Woman and Wonder Woman combo – is that they always responded straight away, went out of their way to help, applied impeccable judgement and yet did all this with a smile on their faces. We shall definitely keep in touch after the Apprentices complete and look to tap into their knowledge on a regular basis.’

Tony Thompson – Dad, Bookkeeper and Recruitment Officer for Yellapro Ltd.

If you’re an Employer and would like to speak to us about taking on a Digital Marketing or Cyber Apprentice for your business, please get in touch using the form below!

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