So, you’re thinking about taking on an Apprentice?

At TEEG Digital we are creating our digital workforce of tomorrow, one Apprentice at a time! Many employers have already chosen TEEG Digital as their Apprenticeship provider. In our ever-changing digital world, it’s our young people who are going to continue to lead the way in growing the digital revolution. In partnership with Aylesbury College and social media giants Hootsuite we deliver world-class Apprenticeships in social media and digital marketing. We offer a full or part-time Apprentice solution. Get in touch today to see how employing an Apprentice can help your business thrive!

We are an approved ATA (Apprentice Training Agency) through the Government which means we can employ Apprentices on behalf of employers so your Apprentice can be based in our office, our on payroll and managed daily by us. We have many solutions to help you!

We create jobs. We maintain excellence. We build careers. We are TEEG Digital.


‘We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media – the choice is how well we do it’! Youtuber Eric Qualman just about sums up in one sentence how social media is taking over the online world!

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Doing an Apprenticeship isn’t just about getting a job, it’s about finding your career!

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“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing”

– Aristotle

“75% of employers reported having an Apprentice helped their business improve”

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