When you own and run a small or medium sized business, hiring any new team members can feel like a challenge, let alone employing an apprentice (with all the rules and regulations that many believe this entails)! However, over the last few years, here at TEEG Digital we’ve helped dozens of local businesses just like yours to find the perfect apprentices to help them take their Digital Marketing to the next level, and would highly recommend it as a cost-effective and hugely positive option for anyone looking to expand their team in this period of political and economic uncertainty.

Recently, as part of the Governments ‘Fire it Up’ campaign to promote Apprenticeships in the UK, results from the Apprenticeships Evaluation 2017: Learners Survey” report were released to highlight the value that apprentices can bring to UK businesses.  One compelling set of statistics from this report state that:

Employers… report benefits such as improved productivity (78%), improved product or service quality (74%) as well as the new ideas apprentices bring to their organisation (65%). 83% would also recommend apprentices to other business.”

The fact that 65% of employers surveyed in the ‘Apprenticeships Evaluation 2017’ report stated that the new ideas apprentices bring to their organisation were highly valued and useful is a great statistic to see – who wouldn’t want a new team member to bring helpful and valuable ideas to the table that could really help to future-proof a business?

In the fast paced world of Digital Marketing, it is difficult for any employee to keep up with the constant changes and developments in hardware, software and ‘best practice’.  However, our apprenticeships can help prepare team members for a career of research, testing and continuing professional development so that they can respond effectively and positively to any change; Here at TEEG Digital, we work with a number of Digital Marketing specialists, each with a unique and practical skillset when it comes to the broad topic of Digital Marketing (from Search Engine Optimisation, to Paid-for-Advertising, to Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing, to name but a few!).  Our team keep apprentices ‘up to date’ with the latest changes in the field, encouraging them to adapt their digital strategies if and when things do change.

So if you’re looking for team members with the knowledge, skills and confidence to help your business increase it’s visibility online in a positive and effective way, consider employing an apprentice with the help of TEEG Digital today – we’re here to help!

**If you’re looking for more comprehensive advice on the rules and regulations when it comes to employing an apprentice, perhaps our recent blog ‘Apprenticeship Rules for Employers’ could help?

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