Why take on an apprentice in 2019? Here are five reasons (to start!)


Here at TEEG, we get the opportunity to meet a number of business owners every single week, from one-man bands to large local and international organisations with employees coming out of their ears.  It’s wonderful to get the chance to network with so many diverse businesses, and a question we frequently get asked is ‘Why should I take on an apprentice?’.  To be honest, the answers are very similar whether you work on your own or with dozens of employees, so we’ve highlighted some of the key benefits for you to help highlight the incredible value that a Digital Marketing or Cyber Security Apprentice could bring to your team:


An affordable way to grow your team – the costs associated with taking on a new full-time permanent employee can be significant; It’s not just their hourly rate, but also their company benefits, equipment (from desks and computers to software and stationery!) and training costs.  With Brexit looming large, we’re in a period of economic uncertainty and for many businesses, a cautious approach to spending in 2019 is on the cards.  However, for those of us who want to grow our businesses and teams, the skills and cost of employing an apprentice combine for a win-win situation.


To allow your team to focus on what they do best! If you are in the minority of businesses who are taking time to invest in their Digital Marketing and Cyber Security, the likelihood is that you’re utilising team members who specialise in other areas of your business (like sales or traditional marketing).  So why not let your team do the jobs that you took them on to do, and use the skills of an apprentice to help you take your digital marketing and cyber security to the next level in 2019 (and beyond!).


A great way to ensure that your team are familiar with the latest tech, tools and industry best practice – Digital Marketing and Cyber Security are fields that are growing and developing on a rapid scale.  Every month we are faced with news that a social media channel or search engine has ‘changed its algorithm’ or added a new feature to help businesses market themselves more effectively (and help consumers find reputable businesses to deliver products and services) … it’s difficult enough to keep up with the changes when you work within the industry, so we can appreciate how hard it is for your team to stay on top of changes alongside their other daily tasks.  Our apprentices receive top quality Digital Marketing and Cyber Security education from leading industry professionals, giving them the opportunity to specialise in those particular areas of your business and implement effective digital strategies and security protocols that really make a positive difference to your business.


Helping to develop our future workforce – It’s not easy for young professionals to gain practical skills and real-world experience.  Many young people opt for theoretical learning in academic institutions with full time college and university courses, whereas others move straight into entry level employed that don’t provide the personal and professional development opportunities of apprenticeships.  Apprenticeships offer the best of both worlds, giving people the opportunity to learn valuable and useful skills whilst earning money and gaining valuable ‘soft’ skills in an employed role.


Recruiting without the hassle! Even if you’ve got your own HR team in-house, navigating the apprenticeship process can be a challenge if you haven’t done it before! We can help find apprentices who can help your business to develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, or help protect your business from the cyber security threats that are becoming more prevalent in this digital era.


So why not grow your team in 2019 with the help of TEEG Digital? If you’re interested in taking on an apprentice this year, please get in touch!

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